Blended Learning Essentials – end of week 2

Another reason I am on the course is to make sure I’m not losing touch, it’s nearly a year since I was a learning technology advisor.  Just over 2 years since I was an e-learning development coordinator.  I don’t want to be too removed from the things that ignited a fire in my teaching soul 13 years ago as a brand new adult education community learning tutor.

What I have realised it that I’m not too out of touch the message i was trying to share this time last year (although in dire need of updating but I no long have the passwords or ability to access the storify account) is still relevant.

I said it was about the pedagogy and not the technology. I talked about developing online learning where i mentioned the BOLT project from Borders College.  I even talked about digital capability (literacy then but of course I have a more rounded view and realise it’s not just about being literate) and the need for staff development.  I even explored ways you could flip and blend teaching learning and assessment and included ways to use mobile devices in learning.

So, what have I come to realise?  That it’s not all smoke and mirrors and I actually did and still do know my stuff.  That if I’d developed my ideas more thoroughly and gone a bit deeper with the pedagogy and reflected just that little bit more I might have articulated myself better.

I’ve also realised that I much preferred Storify to tumblr. Ten posts in and I’m still not feeling the love. [edit to say – the love affair with Tumblr was tempestuous and incredibly short lived as well as particularly unsatisfying]

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