Matching pedagogy to technology

1) Constructivism
Technologies you chose:
Video recording of learner activity, Online formative assessments, Social media, Open Educational Resources, Practical activities
How you might use them:
Video recordings of learners would need to be sensitively carried out with due consideration to the young people involved in the scouting activities. However, videos of activities taking place would negate the need for limited training advisors visiting for observations and they could happen more naturally in the youth led environment. Learners reviewing videos of their own practice gives them an opportunity to self assess as well as a training advisor assessing further learning needs and validating learning. Social media is a wealth of information for training adults with access to forums and various groups on Facebook means that they can get ideas and link up with others in the Scout Association nationally but also share good practice with international scouting which is also an important part of their learning journey.

2) Social constructivism
Technologies you chose:
Discussion forums, Reflective logs (blog), Social media
How you might use them:
Use of social media and forums, really see the previous answer re collaborating and sharing with other adults in scouting from around the world. This is important in ongoing learning of leaders as well as those new to roles and training.

3) Problem-based learning
Technologies you chose:
Practical activities
How you might use them:
I’m really struggling to apply problem based learning in my current model that is 1:1 work and distance learning. Ideologically I would bring learners together for some workshop time and would definitely include practical activities for learners. One common denominator with adult volunteers in scouting is that they are very practically minded people and this is something that will definitely suit my preferred teaching style as well as the preferred learning style for many of the learners.

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