Perceptions of blended learning

The workings of my brain are an exciting and ever changing view IMHO.  Like watching an endless display of fireworks with thoughts and ideas bursting forth with random and wild abandon.  This may be a dyslexic thing.  This may just be a Cat brain thing.  I can never have just one browser tab open, there’s usually a couple of drafts of writing open (an email or two, a spreadsheet, a document, I’m sure you get the idea).  So, whilst trying to get caught up on the tasks in this week’s blended learning essentials MOOC I was also on Twitter where I had a conversation with a colleague. I’ve now discovered @ifttt which is potentially a huge game changer for me and I really want to get started with recipes.  And here I am, desperately clinging to some focus on my day off when I have lots of thoughts about the scouting activity I’m running for 120 beaver scouts tomorrow desperately vying for some attention.

Anyway.  As the previous paragraph demonstrates quite nicely is that I’ve digressed.

In the interactive exercise you can launch below, think about some learners whose engagement needs to be improved. We’ve looked at five of the benefits of blended learning – flexibility, active learning, personalisation, learner control, feedback.

• Make brief notes (~30 words) on one simple example of how would you use digital technologies to give each of these benefits to the learners you’re thinking of. There are no right/wrong answers, the aim is just to help you prepare your contributions for the discussion. Your responses won’t be monitored, but you may find it useful to make a note of them in your reflective journal.

Embed the getting started learning materials in something ( VLE, google form etc) that would personalise it more and provide more instant feedback rather than waiting to meet with a training advisor.

Have my perceptions of blended learning changed?

At the heart of blended learning we still need to teach learners how to learn, or remind them how to learn.  Technology is just part of our toolkit that can make the teaching and learning process so much easier.  At this point I don’t think my perception of blended learning has changed at all, what has changed is my thoughts about how I structure the blended learning I already try and use.

I’m also trying out typeform. Now how do I add that to a recipe?

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