Google translate

The 1st December heralds the start of a number of 12 Apps of Christmas. All offer coffee break CPD is a fun and engaging way (if last year’s offerings were anything to go by) and a good way to collaborate with others.  If you’re fairly new to using technology, or just want some inspiration to add a bit of fun to your teaching as we approach the end of term.

The first offering from UWL is Google Translate and great for languages, or speakers of other languages for starters.

Plus, if you’re bored get two devices translating to each other with hilarious* results as it sometimes makes some very interesting** leaps in translation because Google doesn’t always recognise what it’s saying to itself.  If I find the video somewhere on my Google+ I’ll share it.

*yes, I can be a bit childish.  After all, I am a Beaver Scout leader

**interesting may be funny or just inappropriate

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