#12BrightApps is yet another mini-MOOC that offers coffee break CPD, although seriously if you do them all when are you supposed to get any work done?  I’m trying to be impartial but it is a busy week and I might not get to look at many of them.

Day 1 is Skitch which is available on PC, iPhone, iPad and Android.  It’s a great tool for annotating pictures and photos that I’ve used for a while.  The most effective use I’ve seen is apprentices taking a photo on their mobile device of something they’ve done (in this case it was setting up a classroom activity) and they used the app to quickly and easily annotate the photo before uploading it to their e-portfolio.  The picture told most of the story, the annotation was easy for them to do using the app and they were able to use it as a starting point for a really detailed professional discussion with their assessor about the activity.  Real learning activities, happening in vocational education because technology enables it and makes it easier.

Not that my Skitch creation today was anywhere near as impressive…

I did manage to unlock this goody which made me a happy geek.

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