What do learners think about blended learning?

Blended Learning Essentials is back with the follow up; Embedding Practice.  Week 1 and it’s time to reflect again.

The learners interviewed were really positive and excited about blended learning.  Without getting into the whole digital natives conversation (just yet) more and more learners have an expectation to use technology in their learning.  More and more learners, regardless of age, are prepared to Google it, Youtube it, TedEd it.  You name it, the list could go on and on.  Learners are increasingly comfortable with how technology has integrated into modern life and when it comes to learning it is a huge enabler.  Learning can take place any time and any where without the limitations of access to a desktop computer or enough textbooks in the library.  As long as the technology is used as an enabler, and not the focus of of the learning, and is presented so it isn’t a distraction or increases the exclusion of those potentially disadvantaged and digital excluded learners.

In my reflections I still stand by my reflections during the previous course about culture change being required to take blended learning forward.  Tonight I am taking the tablets to a different scout group and will be running a session for the Beavers, and handing the tablets over to the Cub Leaders to run their own astronomy session based on original camp activity.  Whilst the Beaver Leaders are nervous about using the technology the Cub Leaders are happy for me to sit back and let them take the lead with their cub pack.  I’m not going to make any assumptions at this point about digital capability and confidence, I’ll wait and see how the sessions go, and differ and reflect on that.

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