MOOCs and the dangers of signing up for too many

I’m a little late to the MOOC.  By late, I don’t mean I didn’t sign up for them in the early days I just didn’t complete them. Although this isn’t going to surprise anyone who saw the statistic that the current average completion for a MOOC is 15%. I participated, finally, in my first one last year. Unless you count the 12 Apps of Christmas which I did back in 2014, but that was just playing really.

I have managed to sign up for three already this year and they have all clashed.  The trouble is that I was already struggling with one ( I don’t want to name and shame, that seems unfair) as it was just so dry and boring I’m not sure I can be bothered to look at week 2.  Another just seems to be dancing around the same few principles and I don’t feel like I’m progressing, although I should throw myself into as it is the final week.

And then, there is the HELM MOOC  design e-learning that starts this week.  As fellow East Midlands Learning Technologists I already knew that the HELM team really know their stuff.  I hadn’t expected their MOOC to blow me away just as much as it has.  Part way through the week 1 activities and I think it achieves everything other e-learning/blended learning courses have somehow just failed to deliver.  Whilst this course is targeted at healthcare, which certainly at levels 2 and 3 could really do with some exciting learning resources to demonstrate just how useful technology can be to the learning journey, I do think that this works in other curriculum areas.  All it needs are a few TARDIS thinkers who can apply the principles to their own subjects and there will be some amazing interdisciplinary working.  I’m certainly going to be encouraging people to take a look at this MOOC as there’s a lot people could learn about designing and creating learning resources.

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