The digital experience: what do learners want?

Blended Learning Essentials: Embedding Practice MOOC asks an important question this week.  What do learners want?  The simple answer is ask them.

Starting today Sarah Knight and her team doing just that with the digital student experience skills study consultation events. As the event blurb says,

These consultation events are highly participative and will be of interest to those involved in supporting their learners’ digital experience:

  • Learners

  • Directors and CEOs

  • Heads of Service

  • Staff with responsibility for IT and e-learning

  • Tutors

If you want to see just how much learners are asked what they want you only need to follow #digitalstudent.  Want to ask your learners that question, then it’s not too late to join us (yes I’m at the Leicester event and probably going to Manchester too) either in Leicester on 14th April, or Manchester on 27th April.


We know it’s not easy, that the worlds of; adult and community learning, work based learning, apprenticeships and the work of ITPs can be a very different place to that of HE or the FE college which is why the dedicated account managers know the sector and they know their stuff because we understand how to overcome those challenges.  To continue meeting the needs of learners we have to ask them what they want and be responsive to those wants and needs or we become dinosaurs consigned to education history.  For the managers right through to the practitioners on the pointy end surely it’s got to be reassuring that we’ve got your back and we’re only a click away?

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