Back to Basics: positivity pants and internet browsers

Last week I bumped into some former Jisc colleagues who reminded me that whilst I’m no longer specifically employed because I’m a learning technologist I still have a lot of learning technology information to share. They also told me it was about time I put on my Positivity Pants and got blogging and sharing more. So, for most of 2017 I’ve been working in a bit of a learning tech wilderness and it abundantly apparent that a lot of delivery staff in further education and training still need a very back to basics approach. This naturally gives me a little bit of focus now as there’s already a plethora of very knowledgeable people out there sharing great and interesting things. However, if you don’t know where to start then these wonderful and whizzy things maybe just too much. I’m trying to ignore the potential feedback loop where my new potential audience doesn’t yet have the skills to stumble across Twitter or my blog but at least I know I’m sharing so when they do eventually find me there’s plenty of info.

Of all the things I’ve considered writing about in my return to blogging the single most frustrating thing in my teaching job right now are web browsers. The company security protocols are rendering Google Chrome almost redundant and Internet Explorer doesn’t support the functionality of a lot of websites now. An increasingly large number of colleagues I’m training don’t realise that they can install Mozilla Firefox themselves and seem convinced that there’s some technical wizardy at play.

So today, I am mostly pointing people in the direction of the Mozilla support website that explains how they can download the browser without having to put a request into IT.


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