Finding out how others do things differently

This time of year is always a great time for CPD. As much as I detest the hype and commercialism that comes along with it I do look forward to the 12 Apps of Christmas. Not only do you get to see and use new and interesting things, you get to see how others may use the familiar differently

Day 3 of the University of Limerick’s 12 Apps of Christmas #UL12apps looks at Twitter. Being a confident user I didn’t think I’d get much out of the session, but I played along. Within minutes, maybe even seconds it was that quick, I learnt something new and had a reminder that we never know it all. Amongst the many uses of Twitter it had never occurred to me to use it to make notes.

Ok, so it doesn’t give you the bigger picture that Storify might and it’s not a traditional note taking tool. However, if you’re making quick notes that you know you’ll want to share easily with others without the need to access other apps then it’s definitely going to work. So, if you haven’t already go and read David Hopkins blog.

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