Asynchronous questioning with extrinsic feedback or the moon on a stick?

Another bit of learning tech I’ve been trying to implement since I arrived is Socrative. The idea being that we can use a quiz to check learning against the session objectives as learners leave the webinar. They have the facility to get some quick extrinsic feedback during the quiz and the teacher gets a quick overview of the takeaway points for the learners before they attempt their assignments. As a tutor I get the opportunity to check and correct so I can give some detailed formative feedback, based on the individual’s responses and better prepare them for assignment writing. Downloading the individual student responses means I have a purpose made PDF that I can return to them along with my feedback points. Despite me spending significantly less time marking, and re-marking assignments my colleagues remain less than convinced. I know converts to learning technology see the distinct advantage in a little extra time in the early creation days leading to increased benefits and time savings along the learning journey. My line manager is at least convinced even if it’s not been rolled out as a standard yet.

Of course, Socrative like the similar products of Quizizz and Mentimeter are great during live sessions they don’t solve another problem. When a learner cannot attend a webinar they receive a recording. My current work around is a Word document and somewhat effective but it’s not really learning technology at its finest. Let’s face it, it is a quick and dirty solution to a problem.

Going back to my previous issue of no VLE (and no access to MoodleCloud) I’m still presented with a problem: the asynchronous questioning of learners that will give them some extrinsic and immediate feedback that also produces a report so I can check and correct with more detailed feedback.  As if by magic an email from Kahoot appears, not only do they do this, they’ve been doing it since September!

Except, it only works via learners using the app. The app that is only available on Android and iOS.  No good for all my learners who are issued with Windows phones and it doesn’t yet work on a PC. So, I’m left with the same problem.  Suggestions anyone?

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